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5 Reasons Why We Love Our DockATot Grand

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

1. It's perfect for travel

The DockATot Grand is perfect for travel, it comes with a plastic zipper case that can also be used to protect the DockATot while traveling or you can buy a separate travel bag with handles here.

Traveling with my kids is always a fear of mine because they love familiarity -- if they aren't in their own crib, they won't sleep, but with DockATot you can bring a familiar environment anywhere! It has helped keep our routine wherever we travel, which has also made traveling a lot less stressful, because let's be real, two under two can be stressful!

2. It's 100% breathable

No matter how many times your little one tosses and turns throughout the night you can rest easy knowing that DockATot's breathable material will keep them safe! DockATot is 100% breathable and air-permeable -- which creates a worry-free environment for parents and a healthy sleep environment for babies.

Accidental suffocation or SIDS has been my biggest fear on our long journey of sleep training with Arlo, but as soon as we got our DockATot Grand I was able to put that fear aside and focus on our goal of him sleeping through the night.

3. It's suitable for co-sleeping

DockATot was created in part for co-sleeping parents. Arlo is now 11 months old and we just recently transitioned him into his own crib. We absolutely loved our co-sleeping experience with Arlo (co-sleeping has been proven to provide valuable emotional benefits as well as help breastfeeding moms with night feedings). We used our DockATot during our co-sleeping experience and here are a few safety tips that DockATot recommends:

  • Always place DockATot at the top of and in the middle of the bed.

  • Always place baby on his/her back to night and nap time sleep on a firm sleep surface.

  • Always position baby’s head at the head end of the DockATot (opposite the clip).

  • Always keep baby’s sleep area free of loose items, such as toys, crib bumpers, pillows and blankets.

4. It makes bed transitioning a breeze

Like I said, we recently transferred Arlo into his own crib and DockATot made this transition a breeze. We had tried to transition him a couple times, but had no luck of him sleeping through the night. With the DockATot, it only took three nights before he was sleeping soundly through the night. The built-in, air permeable sides act as bed rails, which allow young children to settle more easily in a bigger crib or bed.

5. It can be used until the age of three

The DockATot Grand works for ages 9-36 months (I had no idea they could use them up to age three), but shortly after we received our DockATot Grand for Arlo, we ordered another one for Reign and it's safe to say she LOVES it. She loves to be cozy when she falls asleep -- so we used to give her two+ pillows and lots of blankets, but now that she is sleeping in the Grand she no longer n

eeds pillows and she loves that the siding acts as one huge cozy pillow!

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