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Moments of Joy

We are always snapping photos throughout our day, but sometimes it can seem like a chore to print them out or (gasp) make a book of them, but Parabo Press makes the process easy! You can even order 25 FREE 4" square prints on their website here (just pay shipping).

Gosh, it's so important to have photos tangible -- even Reign + Arlo thought it was so fun to see "mama + dad" up on the wall + in a book that they could flip through.

This hardcover linen book is filled with some of my favorite photos of Gunnar & I! + it was soooo easy to make. Can you believe that we have been married for over three years and this is the first photo book I have made of us? Ugh, I was always intimidated by the process of making a photo book -- that I wouldn't be creative enough or that it would take too much time etc, but that was not the case with Parabo! It took me a total of five minutes, yup, FIVE MINUTES to make this book. All I had to do was upload the photos -- they did the rest (including the layout). Almost too easy!

I love this newspaper printout -- so fun&vintage. It's a really thin material (newspaper material) and I love that it keeps the creases! Get yours here.

Arlo loves it too :)

I will cherish this book + these printouts from Parabo forever! I will also be using Parabo for our family Christmas cards (which I am so giddy about) + they gave me a coupon code for you guys! Use code BEC30 for 30% off your purchase at Parabo Press *code expires Dec. 13, 2018.

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