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Our Family Room Rug

One of my most frequently asked questions that I get on Instagram is where our family room rug is from, and it's actually from Plush Rugs + we love it!

This is our second rug that we've gotten from them + the quality is AMAZING. I've noticed that with other rugs I have purchased they will slowly lose their shape and either curl up on the edges or get cock-eyed from a piece of furniture (like our couch) sitting on top of it. We actually had to flip our last rug that we had in our family room every 3-6 months in order to keep it from going crooked ha! So glad that is not the case anymore!

Anyway, one of my most frequently asked questions is what size we got our rug in and it's a 7'10"x10'3". We have old carpet in our family room that *hopefully* one day we will get rid of, but for now I do my best to hid it with a big rug, so that's why we got the size we have!

I also often get asked why we chose the color + design that we did and how we manage to keep it clean with toddlers! And there isn 't a whole lot to my process of choosing the design, other than I knew I wanted something along the lines of Moroccan shag, and Plush Rugs made it easy because I was able to search through their Surya Berber Shag Rugs line until I found my favorite one! I also utilized Plush Rugs' swatch tool to find the perfect color rug I wanted -- which is one that has a little more cream in it to hid the dirt if people forget to take off their shoes when they walk on the rug! (also the number one reason why we manage to keep it clean -- we don't -- we just picked a rug with the perfect swatch color)!

Please let me know if you guys have anymore questions and I will do my best to respond!

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